A Collection aimed at beginner, part time dancers and an alternative
to bespoke Irish Dance Costumes

Rising Star Designs was first started to create costumes for the “Rising Stars’ in Irish dance but the irony turned out that a large percentage of dancers could not afford a custom dress. Parents feel under pressure to keep up with styles and the ever changing fashion in dance and this is difficult if you have a dancer that may not commit long term and so find themselves selling on an expensive dress after a short period of wear.

I believe a custom dress should be earned by the dancer and until that time an alternative is needed.

My Rince Collection offers dancers a multitude of choices in styles, colours and then crystal packages to give them a step in the right direction before ordering their wonderful custom Irish Dance dress.

We are renowned for our originality and quality and I stand by the statement that Rising Star costumes are the best quality in the industry and I want to carry this through to The Rince Collection. Every person that orders from this collection will receive a non-transferable Discount of 10% off their future custom Rising Star Solo Costume.

Step One

Using the Rince Designer below you can pick and choose your favourite combination of elements and colours. Watch the Tutorial below on how to design your dress. Choose to have standard, sheer or lace sleeves and what style of skirt. Be creative and daring.

Step Tw0

Save your design onto your computer or tablet and then attach to the form below filling out all the required boxes. This will help us give you an accurate quotation. We have a separate Instagram account which you can see below that we will keep undated on our latest unusual fabrics and will delete when the fabric is no longer available . We keep a small stock of each unusual fabric so we do not replicate the same look on all dresses so this stock changes on a daily basis. Sequin or hard to find fabrics will incur an additional charge. If you see a fabric you like you can add this to the special requests section of the form.

Step Three

We will reply with sample photos of fabrics to best suit the colours you chose on the Rince Designer and in some cases offer suggestions to make your dress more unique. We keep a record of all variations so not to replicate the same look. If you have chosen something used before we will offer you alternatives.

Step Four

Accept the quotation and confirm your order with a non-refundable deposit of £200GBP. Balance will need to be paid when the dress is ready to ship out.

Please see our FAQ section for any questions you may have. 

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Watch the Tutorial on how to use the Rince Designer 

Fill out this form and attach your design at the bottom

Here we will display all our fabrics plus more unusual limited fabrics we currently have in stock. When a fabric ends we will remove the image