About Us

Rising Star Designs provides four key points in Irish Dance Costume Manufacture. Original Designs, Top Quality Work, Perfect Fit & Great Customer Care. With these points we hope to achieve the perfect stress free exciting experience ordering your new costume should be. We are here to offer advice and bring our wealth of experience to every order no matter how advanced a dancer may be. You can be a complete beginner to a multiple world champion. You will be treated with the same utmost care.

Keith Marron

Company Owner / Head Designer

Keith Marron’s experience in Irish Dance Costume Design spans 14 years working for three of the most well known Irish Dance Manufacturers in the World today.

Keith has always had a love for Art and Design from an early age. Having studied Graphic Design in Dublin, Ireland he graduated and started a career in Print Design. Due to the economic downturn he was made redundant from his first design job and answered an advert looking for a designer by one of the key founders in Irish Dance Costumes, Siopa Rince Dublin. Having no background in Irish Dancing did not deter him from relishing the opportunity to work in such a niche market creating bespoke designs for beginners and Champion Dancers throughout the world. “I would not be where I am today without my years at Siopa Rince”, Keith looks back fondly.

An opportunity to join a new company, Elevation Design led Keith to move to Belfast, Northern Ireland. “I loved Jackie’s fresh outlook into Costume Design. Nothing was ever too different nor did she ever dampen my creativity. They were a pleasure to work for.”

As with every Industry one wants to climb the ladder and work for the best and Eire Designs was just that. “Gavin’s extraordinary flair in his design work intrigued me to the point of asking him to employ me. I look back and think we worked well together and had a mutual respect for each others work. Then there becomes a point where you want to do things by yourself and use the knowledge you have built up over the years to feed your own creative hunger.”

And thats when Rising Star Designs was born. We are not here to do something different, but perhaps just better. Customer Care is paramount, with original design work, top quality workmanship all coming under this one key point, to make our customers happy.


Alina Grychta

Head Seamstress

Alina is a professionally qualified fashion designer and master dressmaker who is specialised in the creation of bespoke Irish Dancing costumes. Alina’s key values include creating dresses that have a high degree of quality and ensuring that customers of all ages and sizes leave with pride knowing that their new purchase fits perfectly. Alina has worked with some of the foremost designers and manufacturers in the Irish Dance Industry over the past eight years and she has now teamed up with Rising Star Designs developing bespoke designs finished off to the highest quality.



Company Mascot

Luna loves nothing more than attention with a friendly rub. She’s very good with children and adults and extra happy if you have a tasty treat for her!